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So many of us are programmed from a young age, into adulthood, to dream of having that fairy tale relationship and a “happily ever after”. Some of us spend our entire lives looking for our “soul mate” or “The One”.

But among the relationships we stumble over along the way – usually without acknowledging them – are karmic relationships.

Although being in a karmic relationship can feel like stepping on a landmine, they have the power to teach us more about love and ourselves than any other relationship we encounter along the way. road.

What is a karmic relationship?

Although there is currently no clinical and scientific data to prove whether or not karmic relationships exist, writer, reiki master and clairvoyant Amanda Linette Meder describes karmic relationships as “a romantic bond formed with someone of your soul group,” notinh these relationships are “designed to heal past life lessons and pain.”

Karmic relationships are the type of relationships that no one necessarily wants but probably has at some point in their life, at least once.

However, it is important to note that karmic relationships do not always come in the form of romantic relationships. It can be friendships, acquaintances or your family of origin.

Nevertheless, all karmic relationships have one thing in common: they come into your life to teach you a lesson – and probably won’t last very long once that lesson has been learned and you or the other person are ready to go. ‘to cancel. .

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Identifying such a connection is often not easy, as the person in your karmic relationship may appear to be your soul mate or your twin flame, but there are certain signs of a karmic relationship to look for when meeting someone who is you. makes you feel something you’ve never felt. have before that are unique to karmic relationships alone.

Signs that you are in a karmic relationship

1. It started like “love at first sight” — accompanied by a wave of deja vu.

Whether or not you believe in love at first sight is one thing.

But if you’ve been instantly attracted to someone for reasons you can’t quite put into words – and yet you feel a sense of familiarity, as if you knew that person in a past life – chances are that there is a karmic connection at play.

2. The relationship is an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s true that no relationship is easy, and they all take work. However, karmic relationships will regularly propel you into a cycle of happy highs and devastating lows that normal relationships simply don’t experience.

There’s a constant dra-muh, and over time you often fight over the same things over and over again. It’s like you’ve learned the lesson you were meant to learn from the relationship and it’s time to let go.

3. It is a codependent relationship.

This is a huge red flag in any relationship. And, as in all cases where codependency monopolizes the relationship, karmic relationships consume everything.

In a codependent relationship, you don’t feel comfortable unless you’re with your partner all the time, you start to have a distorted image of yourself, and boundaries are practically non-existent.

In short, you are physically and emotionally dependent on this person and your relationship.

In a karmic relationship, however, things usually go one step further, in that, even when you’re with your partner, you feel uneasy – like something is wrong no matter what you do. In addition, your self-image plummets, you devalue yourself and take a wrecking ball to your limits.

None of these things leads to a happy ending, for you or your codependent partner.

4. It doesn’t last.

Due to the above factors, karmic relationships are known to be a mercurial nightmare, where partners break up just to reconcile again and again. It’s tiring for his support system to have to monitor and keep supporting him, over and over again. Think how exhausted the people in the relationships themselves must be.

As you can probably imagine, this level of volatility just isn’t sustainable in the long run, unless the relationship partners manage to outsmart the odds by really taking to heart the lessons their relationship is supposed to learn. younger and get to experience true personal growth so they can grow stronger together.

But for most karmic relationships, no matter how toxic – and there is a high current of toxicity in every karmic relationship – the bond between the two people is so magnetic that they feel like they can’t get along. to prevent being attracted. be together.

It doesn’t matter that one or both people know in their heart that it might not be right for either of them. They just can’t help themselves.

Karmic relationships can be seen in a positive light because they serve a purpose and an opportunity to grow.

Karmic relationships are a source of personal growth for those who experience them. You gain a sense of awareness that empowers you to change yourself for the better.

In summary, karmic relationships are lessons that allow us to heal and grow.

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Differences between karmic relationships, soul mates and twin flames

Karmic, soul mate, and twin flame relationships may seem similar, especially when you’re in it, but they have stark differences.

You don’t really know the lasting effects and true label of each until you’ve had time to process them.

Karmic relationships are usually those with people whose purpose is to teach us a lesson.

Although the love in these relationships is fierce, it is often toxic, one-sided, rife with misunderstandings, and not built to last.

Partners in karmic relationships are not soul mates.

On the other hand, soulmate relationships push us to be a better person alongside the other person, whose soul is parallel in the way it aligns with yours.

There is no codependency; instead, a deep and growing relationship between two souls. There is no constant fighting, uncertainty or imbalance.

Twin flame relationships transcend all labels when it comes to a karmic relationship.

Your twin flame may not even be in a romantic relationship; it can be friends, family members, or someone with whom you have an extremely strong bond.

A karmic relationship cannot be a twin flame because the love you feel with your twin flame is so extraordinary and incomparable; it encourages deep soul growth without the volatility you find in a karmic relationship.

Karmic connections are, as Meder puts it, “difficult to say the least, and heartbreaking, to be clear.”

Understand that every karmic relationship is fleeting.

Suppose you are in the cycle of a karmic relationship. In this case, you already know how painful and, likewise, euphoric and filled with the power to uplift both partners.

Remember that, for the vast majority, karmic relationships don’t last – that’s not their purpose. Like any relationship, however, it’s designed to help you grow.

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Marla Martenson is a matchmaker, Reiki practitioner and author of The Buddha Made Me Do It, A Field Guide To EnLITEnment.

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